Education, Creativity and Technology

I believe we are at the dawn of a new era of massively amplified learning, creativity and inventiveness. We now have the technology to make education accessible to everyone in the world and the adaptable digital learning tools to personalize the way we learn, work and create.

But this new era requires a new emphasis on lifelong learning and creativity. Today’s students must become self-directed lifelong learners because in our rapidly changing knowledge-based economy, it is a necessity that everyone is constantly adapting by learning new knowledge and skills.

Each of these fascinating education documentaries provide a glimpse into the future of education, learning and creativity. Many of these documentary films feature leading experts and creative innovators in the fields of technology, education and online learning to talk about how we can use technology to enhance individuality, increase creativity levels and teach the process of innovation.

Networked Society: The Future of Learning

Technology enables us to interact, innovate and share in amazing new ways. The result is a dynamic shift in mindset that is creating profound change throughout our society.

The Future of Learning explores how we can be part of this transformation. We need to personalize the process of how we learn, focus less on rote memorization and more on holistic approaches to learning and creativity.

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