30 Clever Innovations That Totally Need To Be Everywhere Already

1 | Movie theaters with screens in the bathroom so you don’t miss anything.

Source: ayoye.com

2 | Even better if the theater has bean bag seats.

 Source: theatlantic.com

3 | Traffic lights with countdown indicators.

Source: core77.com

4 | A pen that lets you scan and write in any color.

Source: architizer.com

5 | A bike helmet that folds up.

Source: ulule.com

 6 | Wall outlets with USB chargers.

Source: appadvice.com

 7 | It should also come with a built-in night light.

9 | Small tiles you can attach to your keys, wallet, computer, or pretty much anything. If you lose anything, you can then look up their location on your smartphone.

10 | Fresh pizza vending machines.

Source: reddit.com

11 | Benches that you can turn to always have a dry seat.

Source: bietthu.biz

12 | Power strips that you can expand and rotate.

Source: yankodesign.com

14 | Parking garages with lights showing open spaces.

Source: reddit.com

16 | Supermarkets with build your own 12-packs of soda.

Source: jpegy.com

17 | How to stop littering.

 Source: reddit.com

19 | Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks.

Source: cnet.com

23 | Device to lift the Pringles up.

Source: reddit.com

29 | Bike racks that don’t take up sidewalk space.

Source: thephotomag.com

30 | Caution signs that are funny.

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