10 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

We’re all pretty acquainted with social media at this point, and most times we don’t even think twice about the things we post. Most of it is harmless, but certain things can result in major consequences. To save yourself from the potential headache, here’s a list of things you should NEVER post on social media.

1. Relationship Issues

If you and your boo get into it, you may want to vent to your Twitter family about how much pain you’re going through or how much you hate your ex-boyfriend, but don’t be messy about it. Constantly posting your relationship woes is information strangers don’t need to know.

2. Nudes

No matter how much you love your body, the whole world doesn’t need to see it. Unless you’re aiming to be the next porn star, leave your nudes to yourself.

3. Pictures of you doing drugs or drinking alcohol

Have you heard the urban myth about jobs that look on your social media accounts before they decide whether or not you’re a good fit for their company? Yeah, well that’s not a myth. Posting pictures of you passed out from over indulgence in alcohol or drugs can be seen by not only potential employers, but law enforcement as well.

4.Personal opinions about your job

If you’re anything like most of the population, you hate you’re job. But just don’t, DON’T share your hatred for it on your feed. If your job ends up seeing it, they might do you a favor and relieve you of your dissatisfaction.

5. Your money

Unless your goal in life is to raise the chances of you getting robbed, posting pictures of your money or bank account just isn’t smart. Some people are pretty crafty these days and can find ways to digitally dig in your pockets.

6.Embarrasing pictures of your friends

Sure, it can be pretty funny, but posting embarrassing pictures of your close friends can set you up for major failure. The moment you post that picture of your best friend sleeping with her mouth wide open is the same moment she posts that picture of you on the toilet.

7.Work that isn’t copyrighted

Whenever we decide to get crafty and create some type of art that we’re proud of, our first instinct is to share it with any and everyone. But if you post anything that can easily be stolen and doesn’t have a copyright, someone else might be able to take the credit for all your hard work.

8.Personal conversations

Um, hello! He messaged you instead of posting it on your wall for a reason. Never post personal conversations, not only is it flat out inconsiderate but it’s rude. Even if someone messages you saying something completely out of line, don’t put them on blast. Take the high road, ignore it and delete it.

9. Too much information

There are just some things we don’t need or want to know about you. Telling us about how heavy your cycle is this month or how many times you’ve had to go to the bathroom today because of the tacos you ate yesterday is TMI. Please, spare us the details.

10. Classified information

Your phone number, your address or your social security number should never be posted on the Internet. It makes it way too easy for people to gain access to you and even easier for someone to steal your identity. Believe us, it happens!

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