10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Trying New Technology

An article posted recently looked at the implementation of a blended learning program. It talked about how to set yourself up for success when implementing blended learning, what some attributes of a great blended learning program are, and drivers of blended learning.

The drivers of blended learning was sort of buried towards the bottom of the infographic, and we thought it could use a little spotlight of its own, so we’ve taken that part of the original infographic and are showcasing it on its own below.

Why? Because there are really good reasons to give it a shot. If you look at the ten reasons listed below, we’re pretty sure you’ll find at least a couple that you’ll benefit from, or are already trying to do in another way. If you read each item as a sort of question to yourself, they can also serve as a handy little go-to list that you should be asking when you’re implementing anything new in your classroom.

10 Drivers of Blended Learning

  • Teachers need and want to:
  • Personalize learning
  • Improve the progress potential for each individual student
  • Improve student engagement and motivation
  • Shift to online state testing as of 2015
  • Extend time and stretch resources effectively
  • Extend the reach of effective teachers
  • Improve teacher’s working conditions
  • Decrease device costs
  • Have students and parents adopt learning apps
  • Narrow the digital divide

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Implementing New Technology

  • The answer doesn’t have to be yes for every question, but the more boxes you can tick, the better!
  • Does it improve the teacher’s ability to personalize learning? (yes!)
  • Does it offer potential for individual progress? (yes!)
  • Does it improve student engagement and motivation? (yes!)
  • Does it help teachers to to online testing methods? (yes!)
  • Does it extend time and stretch resources effectively? (yes!)
  • Does it extend the reach of effective teachers? (yes!)
  • Does it improve teacher’s working conditions? (yes!)
  • Does it decrease device costs? (yes!)
  • Does it help students and parents adopt learning apps? (yes!)
  • Does it help narrow the digital divide? (yes!)

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